About me & my vision

My name is Jana Nuyken and I am here to support you on your individual healing process into a healthy and fulfilling life. My therapeutic work is holistic and integrates concepts of Scientific Psychology, Humanistic Psychotherapy and Psychological Yoga Therapy. Merging scientific foundations with my personal practical experience has successfully supported many people worldwide. 

Rarely do the psychological and therapeutic departments work as transparently as I do.With my own personal story of recovery, I trust I will inspire you and therefore help to prevent further unpleasant experiences for you. While working together, I value complete transparency and an authentic relationship with my clients.  

My Story

I was born in 1995 in Germany where I live in a small city in North Rhine Westphalia. Since my family loves travelling all over the world, I was able to visit many countries and I met many different people and cultures. Growing up my “wanderlust” grew and I spent a great part of my time in foreign countries gathering personal and professional experiences, which I will continue to do.

I see myself as an open, creative and empathetic person with a wide range of interests. I love challenges from which I can grow. However growing up in our western society as a sensitive, deeply thinking teenager I had trouble to free myself from overstimulation, pressure to succeed and superficiality. I often felt like a sponge, which absorbed positive and negative energy from the environment unfiltered. Shortly before high school graduation, I completely lost my strength and inner peace. The once strong, successful and confident young woman collapsed every day a little bit more. Professional medical and psychological help did not bring complete recovery. I myself had to learn to free myself from all kinds of outside pressure.

Today I value this catastrophic and extremely challenging phase of my life as a great gift, which I would like to share with you. I learned how to realign my focus, which allowed me to rewrite my story. It was a struggle back to life where I found a 100% new me, living a healthy, fulfilling life in deep gratitude, with so much happiness I could never have dreamed of.

It is a great honor to share my valuable experience with you in a professional setting. With bewhatyouare I aim to make the stony path of recovery easier by sharing my expertise. My goal is to fill gaps in the western health system with holistic, interactive and flexible concepts from around the world. On my journeys across the globe, I have gained countless insights into other cultures, their healing systems and alternative treatment methods. I integrate all these experiences with a fundamental basis of knowledge from my academic education in psychology and multiple training courses in the field of psychological yoga therapy, personal development, spirituality, shamanism, naturopathy (see below). 


2021: Practical psychological work in Schön Klinik Roseneck, Prien am Chiemsee

2021: Annual course in psychotherapeutic guidelines and naturopathy, Frankfurt am Main

2020: Further training: Psychopharmacology for Psychologists, University Trier

2020: Study of Psychology (M.Sc.), University Trier

2020: Training as a naturopath for psychotherapy, Frankfurt am Main

2020: Completed Training Systematic Family Therapy (BYVG), Anne-Karen Fischer u. Dr. Annegrit Kahle, Bad Meinberg, Germany

2019: Degree in applied psychology with a focus on clinical further training in psychology & health psychology (B.Sc.), Fresenius University of Applied Sciences, Düsseldorf

2019: Empirical Bachelor Thesis (1.0) & Disputation (1.0): Effects of a mindfulness-based short intervention on interoceptive awareness, Fresenius University of Applied Sciences, Düsseldorf

2019: Qualification as Tantric Bodywork Practitioner for women, Christiane Ameya, Bali

2019: Further training: Astrological Soul Constellations & Psychodrama, Radiantly Alive, Bali

2019: Further training: Herbal Medicine & healing, Jamu Sehati, Bali

2019: Practical work as a Holistic Psychological Therapist in the Rehabilitation Center Pranabali with a focus on burnout, eating disorders, anxiety & panic disorders, depression, addictions, alcohol and drug withdrawal, Bali

2019: YTT: Basics of Psychological Yoga Therapy (Humanistic Psychotherapy; BYV), Bad Meinberg, Germany

2018: Practical work as a Psychological Yoga Therapist with a focus on trauma, abuse & women’s work, Orphanage Dar Bouidar, Marrakech

2018: Completed training as a Spiritual Life Coach (BYV), Bad Meinberg, Germany

2017: YTT: Individual counseling in Psychological Yoga Therapy (BYV), Bad Meinberg, Germany

2017: YTT: Yoga for psychological problems with a focus on depression, eating disorders, anxiety & panic disorders, addictions, traumas (BYV), Allgäu, Germany

2016: Completed my first Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) in Sivananda Stile (BYV), Bad Meinberg, Germany (periodically advanced trainings)

(exclusive supplementary training and courses)


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