Principles for cooperation with companies

My name is Jana Nuyken. I was born 1995 in Germany. In addition to my work and calling as a holistic psychological therapist, yoga teacher and spiritual world traveler, I have been working on my “bewhatyouare” channel as a freelancer since 2017. My intention is to connect people worldwide and share and multiply my experiences, my knowledge and my passion in the areas mentioned above.

On Instagram (jana_bewhatyouare) I reach thousands of people every day who trust my experiences and recommendations. I value honesty, authenticity and being a trustworthy person, in terms of my online presence and in real life. I always label advertising (paid & unpaid) and product placements according to regulations which is important to me from a transparency point of view.

I have been exclusively living & eating vegan since 2014 and pay attention to sustainable & fair food production. That is why I only support companies which I can 100% identify with: animal testing, no animal ingredients, ideally also fair trade, organic & sustainable!

In my posts with product presentations and in my IG stories I speak honestly about my experiences (positive & negative). This also applies to collaborations in which I do not allow my honest opinion to be denied.


Product presentations and demonstrations

Drawings with product presentations

Social media actions

Event reports

Product placement

Cross promo with other Instagram channels

I am also open to other creative suggestions!

PR Samples

I am happy to test your products for free (if they meet the criteria above) and after I have been able to form an opinion I will introduce them to my story. Product placements are also possible in fixed posts and in detailed stories spanning several days. Please note that due to capacity reasons providing this more complex work for your advertising is not free of charge.

Are you interested in collaboration?

Please send an email to:

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