“My first cacao ceremony changed me and my life completely!” This powerful statement is not only true for me but also shared by many people worldwide.

For centuries, this shamanic ritual has given humans abundance, connection, transformation and healing on various levels.

What are the benefits of a Cacao-Ceremony?

The origin of the promising spiritual ritual lies in the ancient Olmec culture. Even then Cacao Ceremonies were practiced to compensate for imbalances between people and nature. Additionally raw cacao was utilized to purify and harmonize people’s internal systems on a holistic level. Mankind has found that raw cacao has many healing properties. Cacao is still used to support a loving connection with yourself, all beings and the earth.

How is the Cacao-Ceremony performed?

None of the more than 100 cocao-ceremonies I have attended in Bali so far was identical. Similarly, every cocoa-ceremony that I lead is individually structured. But one thing is certain: there is cocoa every time! Unlike “conventional cocao” as we find in supermarkets, this is consecrated raw cocao.  With a clear conscience, I only use fairtrade/organic/handmade cocoa from Bali or Peru, which has passed my own high quality inspectionseveral times. 

Topics could include:

Orientation to the cardinal points


Connection with earth & sky


Guided heart meditation


Sharing of feelings, thoughts & intentions


Singing & dancing

Is a Cacao Ceremony right for me?

Although a cocao ceremony is a very powerful spiritual ritual, you do not have to profess to be deeply spiritual or have any previous experience. At the same time, I am always happy to see experienced brothers and sisters in the circle of the magical elixir.

Are you open to transformative experiences and ready to connect to the universe with all the heart? You’re more than welcome!

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